Welcome our new ocean tech advisor: Alexis Grosskopf

A little while back, we posted on here about the value of networks in bringing people together to tackle environmental problems, and the importance of a strong advisory resource to a project like ours. We’ve continued to work on deepening the knowledge and expertise available to us, and today we’re extremely excited to welcome Alexis Grosskopf to our advisory board.

Alexis is the founder and CEO of OceanHub Africa, the ocean-impact catalyst which connects, inspires and supports entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, businesses and other stakeholders to accelerate the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions across Africa. We’ve been working with Alexis informally since we exhibited at OceanHub Africa’s annual Cape Town gathering for emerging and groundbreaking new ocean tech projects, Ocean Innovation Africa, in 2021.

As our Ocean Technology Advisor, we’re looking forward to the forward leaps Alexis will provide to SEA — his deep knowledge of environmental engineering, wide networks of ocean tech innovators and investors, and acute awareness of the issues we’re up against will be invaluable to the project. We’ll be leveraging this exciting new partnership to form collaborative relationships with like-minded ocean tech startups, expand our network of institutional data suppliers, explore new ways of collecting and distributing environmental data, and to increase exposure and support for SEA across the entire spectrum of ocean tech.

We’ll be holding a special introductory chat with Alexis on our Instagram very soon — keep your eyes on our Twitter, Telegram and Discord for announcements!




A revolutionary blockchain project designed to save our seas. https://sea.earth

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A revolutionary blockchain project designed to save our seas. https://sea.earth

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