Welcome our new advisor: Victor Mapunga

If you’re into the financial side of blockchain, we’re sure you’re aware of the current environment — liquidations, tokens crashing, projects collapsing and general bear market stuff. We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t affecting us — our BSC token has, of course, dipped along with the rest of the market (it remains stable, though) and elements of our roadmap have been put back to fit more realistically in with market conditions.

Despite the doom and gloom of the general market, we have some great news for you today — we’re very, very excited to welcome a new advisor to our board — Blockchain, Crypto, FinTech & E-commerce maverick Victor Mapunga!

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Victor is a seasoned entrepreneur. He co-founded FlexFinTx, the company behind the revolutionary FlexID project, a digital identity wallet which aims to unlock access to financial, insurance, healthcare & government services to over 400 Million Africans. He also co-founded Mutapa, one of Zimbabwe’s fastest growing E-Commerce & FinTech startups, serving hundreds of merchants & empowering businesses to expand their markets through a global marketplace.

Victor is deeply embedded in the Algorand ecosystem, and his guidance and shepherding of our project through these waters will be invaluable; he’s also closely linked to MIT, the institution at the root of the Algorand project. And as a key voice in Africa’s blockchain community (Victor has spoken at Blockchain Africa Conference), he’ll be helping us establish the SEA Nexus across the African continent.

“I’m beyond excited to join the SEA team to further collaborate & extend the Algorand ecosystem through platforms like Nexus. I hope my experience working within Africa for financial services complements SEA’s requirements to further strengthen their core platform & scale globally” (Victor Mapunga)

We’ll be enticing Victor onto our SEAstream at some point, we’re sure — watch this space for some huge leaps forward for SEA over the coming months, thanks to his input!



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