Talking tech with our CTO, Wolfgang

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is one of those roles which everyone thinks they understand until you start to dig into it. It used to be a pretty simple proposition — if your company needed tech, you needed a CTO to handle it. Your network, your servers, your computers, email accounts, company website, coffee machine, the timer on that perfume spray thing in the toilets. Your CTO has it covered.

But what if your company is tech? What if tech is the beginning, middle and end of what you do? How do you define the role of a CTO then? It goes without saying you need one — more than ever, in fact. You need someone not only to get your website into shape, spearhead the development of your products, and tirelessly engage in research and innovation to keep you on the cutting edge — you also need them to build security strategies for your team, onboard your staff when new tools are added to the company toolset.

What you need is a Wolfgang, and we’re extremely glad to have one. Wolfgang joined our team as CTO in December 2021, just after we received the Algorand Foundation grant. Wolfgang is a freediver — more than that, he’s a freediving pioneer. Active in freediving since the age of 20, he started out snorkelling in the lakes around Vienna, but soon began to explore further and eventually set up Freediving Philippines in Cebu (Philippines).

He’s also an adept tech project manager, with a decade of experience in helping companies to work online, build software, assemble teams and streamline their technology. He has a track record longer than a blue whale in cutting company costs, increasing sales, speeding up team onboarding and putting systems in place to make organisations more productive, efficient and impactful.

For our SEAstream this week, we’ll be chatting to Wolfgang about his role within SEA, what he has done so far, his ideas for our projects, and his vision for the future tech of our organisation. Join us on Twitch at 16:00 UTC, Friday 18th March — we’ll be diving into the tech behind the SEA Nexus, the new website, and more.

While you’re waiting, ask us anything you want over on Twitter — we’ll answer as many of your questions as we can on the live stream, and there’s a prize of $20 of $SEA for the best 5 questions.



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