SEAstream #33: Underwater Videography with Kaushiik Subramaniam

“Moments like this are what I live for. Seeing nature in all its glory and making connections with the amazing animals that we share this world with.” -Kaushiik

Join us this Wednesday, March 16th, at 12:00 UTC for SEAstream #33 with Kaushiik Subramaniam, a wildlife conservation biologist and filmmaker. We’ll be on Instagram Live discussing underwater videography, learning about Kaushiik’s experiences travelling around the world as he captures amazing wildlife scenes and animals on camera.

Take one look at Kaushiik’s Instagram, @kaushman, and you’ll be inspired to jump into the ocean and start taking pictures yourself! Between the gorgeous shots of manta rays, sea turtles, and whale sharks, basking in the sunlight, it’s easy to see how enticing the underwater world can be. Kaushiik makes it easy to join in on the fun by providing tutorials and advice for beginners who hope to use easily accessible equipment, like GoPros, to record their own underwater moments.

Kaushiik clearly has a passion for protecting the environment and appreciating nature–he holds an MSc in wildlife conservation. After spending time studying sharks in the Maldives, he now works as a full-time wildlife researcher for BBC. Using various types of equipment, Kaushiik expertly captures beautiful shots of sharks and other marine animals in their natural habitat. By understanding how good photos can help conservation efforts, Kaushiik continues to raise awareness and inspire action with breathtaking clips and photos of the underwater world.

Inspired to further protect the gorgeous natural scenes he has experienced, Kaushiik founded his own company. Buona Vita, the carbon-neutral brand, sells a wide range of daily-use products that can help consumers live more sustainable lifestyles. The brand has committed to being completely plastic-free, and has partnered with OneTreePlanted to maintain carbon neutrality. Buona Vita aims to encourage the use of more eco-friendly products and behaviours, advocating that we all “live gently” in terms of our impact on the Earth.

Kaushiik even has a Youtube channel where he shares fascinating vlogs of his travels, including some of the beautiful footage he shoots above and under the water. By sharing tips and tricks on video editing, photo filters, and interacting with animals underwater, Kaushiik has cultivated a community of sea-lovers who truly understand the beauty and importance of the ocean.

During SEAstream #33, we hope to learn more from Kaushiik about how he combines his passion for filmmaking and skill for storytelling to promote ocean conservation.

Got your own questions about taking underwater videos whilst diving? Send them to us on Twitter (@sea_token) for a chance to win $20 worth of $SEA. We’ll ask Kaushiik your questions live on our Instagram (@sea_token) on Wednesday. See you there!



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