SEAstream #30: Progress Update

Those of you who have been following SEA since the olden days (back when Britney was still in chains) might remember the glory of SEA team livestreams. Heady times, friends. Well, those times are back. It’s been a while, but we’re very excited to announce the first team SEAstream of 2022!

So, like the barman said to the bear, why the long pause? In a nutshell, we hit the ground running in 2022 with the most intensive period of building the SEA project has seen yet. Our whole team, from management to mods, have been sinking their teeth deep into developing the Nexus, shaping the VSEA token, creating a new brand family for SEA and its array of products and projects, and growing our network of collaborators.

Since you last saw our ugly mugs on your screen, our team has doubled in size. We’ve opened whole new departments. We’ve transformed our social platforms into engaging, gamified entry points into the project. We’ve established partnerships with world-leading blockchain think tanks and revolutionary environmental changemakers. We’ve drilled deep into the science and technology behind the SEA Nexus, our vision of a unified environmental data network for planet Earth, and we’ve come up with solutions which will blow your mind (they’re blowing ours, daily).

Example: how do we get data into the Nexus, how do we store it, how do we verify and validate the data, and how do we make use of it? This data path is the key to the success of the Nexus, and has been the focus of our tech department for the last few months. This search for a solid, scientific method of environmental measurement has led us deep into citizen science protocols, data standardisation, smartphone sensor capabilities, computer vision, machine learning and beyond.

Thanks to the methodical research and fierce innovation of our tech and science teams, we’ve built a model for the Nexus which allows decentralisation of research, puts the power of environmental science and conservation into the hands of every smartphone owner, fulfils the rigorous demands of scientific standardisation, and proposes an open framework to accelerate our understanding of climate change, habitat loss, ocean degradation, environmental feedback loops and tipping points.

And there’s more — we have a new website, IDO whitelisting incoming, whole new revenue streams for the SEA project to reveal, and tons more. So, join James, Milan, Dora and some surprise guests at 16:00 UTC on Thursday February 24th on our Twitch channel, and don’t forget to ask your questions in advance on our Twitter — as always, prizes for the best questions!

See you there!




A revolutionary blockchain project designed to save our seas.

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A revolutionary blockchain project designed to save our seas.

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