SEA x Optio Capital

3 min readNov 4, 2022


There’s a lot of exciting news coming from our rapidly expanding corner of the internet — in case you missed them, check out our posts on the SEA NFT & Governance Program, and our Data Licensing Update. Today, we’re extremely excited to share our next development with you: we just formalised our advisory partnership with Optio Capital!

Based out of Australia but operating globally, Optio has a deep experience across the blockchain market — they support innovative founders and projects across a wide range of industries, including ‘real-world’ use cases coming to blockchain, DeFi, core infrastructure and beyond.

The firm evolved from the team at Meld Ventures, a name which will certainly be familiar to anyone interested in the Algorand ecosystem. Meld have supported some of the biggest projects in the space including PACT, Folks Finance, Tinyman, Algomint, Planetwatch… the list is long.

Optio Capital takes an active role with projects, supporting them in a wide range of areas including strategies on technology, capital raising, product, tokenomics and introductions into an array of partner networks.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Optio, the team has had a transformative influence on our project over the last six months, including helping us clearly define the NFT & Governance Program, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.” (CEO of the SEA Foundation, James Birchall)

Going forward the SEA Foundation will continue to work closely with Optio Capital to refine our strategies and to grow our networks within the Algorand ecosystem and the wider blockchain space. As we edge closer to bringing the Nexus online, and launching the VSEA token, Optio’s guidance will be invaluable to securing the long term success of our project as a whole.

“James and the SEA team are driving the future narrative of climate change by the use of environmental data. We see this as a significant positive step forward and another great use case in the ecosystem.” (CEO of Optio Capital, AJ Milne)

Meet the Optio team at, and keep your eyes on our Discord, Twitter and Telegram channels for more news as this exciting partnership develops!

The SEA Nexus is the biggest decentralised science project in history. We’re building a suite of apps, AIs and APIs which, when combined, form a unified global network for environmental monitoring. The Nexus will allow us to identify, measure and understand what’s happening to our planet, to build more reactive climate models, and to recognise emerging crises. Alongside our environmental impact, we pursue a lucrative business model supplying accurate, localised data to the environmental monitoring market — a market worth $43bn. For more information on the Nexus and the SEA project as a whole, see




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