SEA: General Update

3 min readOct 6, 2022


SEA General Update, October 2022

It’s been a while since we posted news — we’ve had our heads down for the last few months, taking the opportunity of these wintery economical times to focus on building. There have been some major updates to the Nexus, including huge developments in the VSEA reward program, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Before we get to that, a quick general update — over the last couple of weeks we’ve been on the ground and in the room at some incredible events. Our CEO James has been presenting at Blockbeam’s “Gateway to Algorand” program, showcasing Nexus tech to the next generation of Algo-curious builders and innovators. Meanwhile, our COO Milan made the most of his invitation to the South African Innovation Summit, and presented SEA projects at a Web3 Innovation for Climate Change event hosted by Algorand, at the University of Cape Town. We hit Crypto Fest 2022 in Cape Town, too — both Milan and our Primary Science Advisor, Kristina, were on the ground presenting SEA tech to captive audiences.

Our COO Milan and Primary Science Advisor Kristina, attending Crypto Fest 2022 in Cape Town

The dates in our roadmap have moved back, but we’re committed to keeping a realistic and achievable vision of the Nexus rollout and VSEA launch. We know that many of you are waiting for the SEA (BSC) lockup and VSEA airdrop to start — that event is tied to the launch of the VSEA token, which in turn is tied to the close of our seed round. The process for locking up your SEA (BSC) remains the same, the staking and vesting tech is built and ready to go, and we’re looking forward to opening that process as soon as the funding is in place.

We’ve had some huge leaps forward in our fundraising recently, with some large players stepping up to support us — we’ll be talking individually about each of these really important partnerships in separate posts very soon. Every investment partnership we’re entering is about more than money — it’s about guidance, support, network reach and access to resources, too. We think you’ll be as excited as we are when you hear who’s on board!

We want to make sure we give each of these exciting new developments its own space, so we’ll be focusing on each element individually over the next few weeks. Here’s how it’s going to roll out:

October 10th: Announcing the SEA NFT & Governance Program
October 28th: Nexus Data Licensing — product & market update
November 4th (tbc): SEA x Algorand Foundation — funding update

Keep your eyes on our Twitter for the announcements above, and come see us on Telegram or Discord to get involved! As always, detailed project info, learning materials and more can be found at




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