SEAstream #28: Scuba Diving Sustainably with Michelle Attard from Coconut Odyssey

2 min readFeb 14, 2022

If you consider yourself to be an environmentalist who loves the ocean, you may have asked yourself the following question: Can scuba diving be sustainable?

Scuba diving allows us to enter new worlds, but we have to remember that we are just visitors in these communities. As guests in underwater habitats, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we leave each place the same or better than we found it.

This week on February 16th, SEA will be live on Instagram at 13:00 UTC to talk about how to do just that. Join us for SEAstream #28, where we’ll be discussing sustainable scuba diving with travel blogger Michelle Attard of Coconut Odyssey.

Michelle is passionate about wildlife and ocean conservation. After a 13-year career working in the luxury designer industry, Michelle packed her bags and started the blog Coconut Odyssey. Covering the best scuba diving spots around the world, from places like the Philipines to Indonesia, Michelle is dedicated to understanding and sharing the most sustainable ways to enter ocean environments.

From the start of her scuba diving journey, Michelle became aware of the damage humans were causing to coral reefs. By participating in coral reef clean-up dives, Michelle and her husband turned their favorite activity into a net-positive experience. During SEAstream #28, we’ll be interviewing Michelle about how she has transformed her travel experiences into sustainability-focused trips.

Scuba diving can be a transformative and educational experience that changes how people view their place in the world. After seeing the wondrous beauty and biodiversity of coral reef habitats, you may realize the critical importance of conserving them. After this epiphany, being a sustainable scuba diver starts with understanding how you can conserve and protect ocean environments in your everyday life. It also involves understanding the best practices for scuba diving in an eco-friendly manner.

To learn more about this topic, tune into our SEAstream #28 on Instagram live this Wednesday, February 16th at 13:00 UTC. If you have any questions you’d like us to ask Michelle, send them to us on Twitter (@sea_token). We’ll ask Michelle live, and you’ll be entered into a chance to win $20 worth of $SEA.

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