AMA #23 Brendon Sing

2 min readJan 11, 2022

Sharks are one of the most important species in our oceans, but these magnificent apex predators are unfortunately being fished by the millions every year. They need our help.

So, we’re excited to announce our latest AMA with Brendon Sing from Shark Guardian, on the 12th of January at 2 pm UTC, live on Instagram.

Originally from South Africa, Brendon has been diving and researching sharks for over 20 years whilst achieving the highest qualifications in the scuba diving industry. Together with his wife Liz, Brendon created the Shark Guardian to protect the mighty shark. Although Shark Guardian is a UK Charity, there are Shark Guardian campaigns and activities taking place worldwide including the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Shark Guardian’s objective is to advance the conservation of sharks and the natural environment through conservation, education, research projects and expeditions.

We’ll be getting to know Brendon and Shark Guardian’s work, and talking about the topic of ecotourism and how the tourist industry can protect sharks.

Shark Guardian themselves run diving and snorkelling expeditions with sharks in various part of the world. All expeditions include:

Educational shark presentations
Optional shark specialty diving certifications
Research and citizen science workshops and applications
Ethical shark diving procedures

Send in your questions for the interview on Twitter. You can ask about sharks or ecotourism in general, whatever floats your boat! Top 5 questions win $20 worth of $SEA.

To learn more about ecotourism check our blog here and tune in to our Instagram this week. For more information about sharks and overfishing check our blogs ‘Sharks Need Us’ and ‘Sustainable Fishing’.




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